Hi! Welcome to Divine Hope Counseling.

We are located in Willmar, MN.

Divine Hope Counseling is an out patient program for people with an addiction to chemicals; we are also able to address areas of mental health disorders or issues.

Participants of our program are uniquely engaged into their personal recovery. As a participant, you are encouraged and guided in discovering your personal goals to live life free of addiction.

Divine Hope Counseling has a caring treatment team of professionals who are able to counsel and guide your steps in recovery. Our goal is to help you integrate your personal recovery holistically; mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Therapy occurs in and individual and group format. Group therapy occurs in a relaxed and home-like atmosphere. Individual therapy occurs at least weekly, or as needed, with a licensed alcohol and drug counselor; and if needed or requested, from other professionals from our treatment team which include mental health professionals and a spiritual mentor.

Within the program of Divine Hope Counseling, there are three levels of recovery that we explore. The initial level looks at the ability to understand the progression of addiction. The 2nd level has personal recognition of situations that may affect your thinking progress and process which jeopardizes your sobriety and may trigger relapse into chemical use. You are able develop coping skills in dealing with relapse triggers. The 3rd level explores prevention of relapse into chemical use and how to develop coping skills so that you do not automatically fall back to your old ways of thinking.

The exciting aspect of the program with Divine Hope Counseling, is that the program is yours. When you begin your one on one therapy with us, it is meant to meet you where you are at in your journey of recovery.

Following your initial assessment, you enter your level of recovery. Our primary focus at this time is exclusively women’s group and therapy. Divine Hope Counseling will expand to facilitate needs of others as the needs arise.

Thank you for visiting us at our website and we surely hope to speak to you soon!